How to Reindex Magento 2 in UNDER 30 Seconds (VIDEO)

reindex Magento 2

Our first video in a series of Magento 2 Manager series videos helping inform all Magento 2 store owners how to manage and maintain their e-commerce stores!

Here’s the step by step:

#1 – Log into your server via SSH, for more info on this please follow

#2 – Once you’re logged in to your server via SSH you’l need to navigate to the root directory of your Magento 2 installation (typically this the “public_html” directory). The command used for this is “cd directorynamehere” (replaced directorynamehere with the directory you’d like to acess).

#3 – Now that you’re in the root directory the next step is to simply run this command “php/bin magento indexer:reindex”

That’s it! You’re site is re-indexed

Here’s a few other helpful indexer commands to accompany the reindex:

“php bin/magento indexer:status” <- this command gives you a status update on all your indexers to see if they need to be reindex.

“php bin/magento indexer:info” <- this command gives you the the list of all the indexers are currently being used.