How to install Facebook Pixel in Magento 2 in UNDER 30 Seconds (VIDEO)

Facebook 2 Pixel Magento 2

Our second video in a series of Magento 2 Manager series videos helping inform all Magento 2 store owners how to manage and maintain their e-commerce stores!

Here’s the step by step:

#1 – Log into your Magento 2 store

#2 – Once you’re logged in to your store go over to:

Content > Design > Configuration

#3 – Now simply select the correct store view where you’d like to install the Facebook 2 pixel and click “Edit”

#4 – Next click on the “HTML Head” tab and scroll down to “scripts and stylesheets” and enter your Facebook pixel code.

#5 – Finally just goto System > Cache Management and flush your cache and that’s it! Your Facebook pixel has been installed.

If you’d like to verify whether your pixel is installed correctly you can use the Facebook Pixel helper Chrome extension found here:

If you have any questions or need any assistance feel free to contact us!