Magento 2 SEO Services

magento 2 seo services

The world of Magento 2 SEO is something we’ve been perfecting at Full Mage since 2011.  We have been optimizing Magento stores for over 9 years now and we use proprietary software to help us manage the complex task of optimize every type of Magento 2 store to achieve the best possible search results in Google.  The mix of Magento science with SEO art is something we pride ourselves in and we are always excited to help more stores achieve the best possible search rankings through our proven techniques and methods.  

What goes into our Magento 2 SEO Services?

SEO requires creative thinking, planning, and execution in a way that an extension can never provide.  Although extensions can be useful in some technical aspects of SEO, they are never a catch-all solution as SEO continues to become more competitive and difficult.  The heart of quality Magento 2 SEO is the technical tune-ups needed to make an already great performing platform be optimized its highest possible capability.  Here’s a peak into our process:

#1 – Full Technical SEO Audit

We start by examining every part of your websites code, speed, and current rankings to determine the best strategy moving forward.  Our proprietary checklist of all aspects of Magento 2 SEO allow us to identify any and all issues that could be holding the site back from ranking better.  Our audit is done manually and is very thorough, typically lasting 2-4 weeks.  The metrics provided from our in-depth audit will help us chart our course for the SEO strategy moving forward. 

#2 – Website Code Optimization

The next step is to begin optimizing your site using the information gathered from our audit.  We prioritize the most urgent issues and then work our way through all technical issues found on the site.  During this process we begin our interlinking strategy which we expand on in the next task of content strategy development.

#3 – Site Speed Optimization

The final technical step in our process is to make your Magento 2 site as fast as humanly possible.  We employ Magento best practices alongside cutting-edge techniques to ensure optimal site speeds.  Site speed has become a major SEO ranking factor but it’s also essential for keeping your bounce rate as low as possible as well, another major SEO ranking factor.

#4 – Content Strategy & Outreach

With the technical aspects in perfect working order we move on to our content development and outreach strategy.  Depending on your vertical we will identify unique content development opportunities which combined with our thorough outreach process will drive search engine rankings, traffic, and increased revenue.  We focus on producing incredible quality content and getting max distribution and audience development through organic channels such as Google.  This process involves specialized outreach and relationship development on top of the task of developing and creating the content that will get the online world to notice your site. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our SEO process or if you have any Magento 2 SEO questions you can call us at 305-842-3594 or contact us using the button below.